Our History

Kelly's began as a creative dream.  It was something that the founders, Cal and Kelly, enjoyed as well as their beloved Newfoundland puppy, Owen, could be involved in  too.  Always dog lovers, making dog treats was a natural choice.  For months recipes were tried, treats rolled out and cut in Cal and Kelly's kitchen.  The goal was to create a tasty, all natural product.  The picky puppy, Owen, was always the final judge.

After creating treats, the next step was to give the dog treats to everyone with a dog.  Friends, family, neighbors all helped with 'market research.'  Dogs were going crazy for them!  In the end, several nutritious flavors of biscuits emerged.

The cookies were made and sold locally and they flew off the shelves.  Quickly, the demand for Kelly's K9 cookies had the tiny operation baking morning, noon and night.  It was impossible to keep up with the demand using home facilities and the move was made to the current bakery location.

When it came time for Cal and Kelly to pass the business on, a dynamic owner who's ideas, plan and hard work ethic was a perfect match to the founders of Kelly's.  Since then growth, changes and new lines have all enhanced Kelly's K9 Cookies!  The picky puppy, Owen, has been thanked for his 'research' and several new options are now available.  In addition to Kelly's original treats, a gluten free treats company has been added, Brewski Biscuits.  The goal was to add more choices for any dog!  Kelly's K9 Cookies continues to be located in Vermont, providing treats made from all natural ingredients.  Picky puppies, special dietary needs and any pup wanting a delicious, all natural treat will want Kelly's K9 Cookies!